Why the name Orange Box Designs?

I am lucky enough to be blessed with a very unique last name, Arensbak, which has led to lots of strange mispronunciations throughout my lifetime! One of the most commonly used has always been, “orange box,” as it sounds very similar. Sitting in a restaurant with my family one night my Father jokingly said I should just name my company Orange Box. The rest is history…

My Story:

Shortly after my parents bought me my first computer, I was hooked! I have been designing websites for over 12 years as a hobby, and for the past few as a career. I also worked for a local advertising agency in Sevierville, TN which gave me the opportunity to interact with many diverse clients in Sevier County and the surrounding areas.

I’ve always held an interest for art and design, which is not surprising, considering that my entire family is artistic. From growing up with my grandfather and father’s handmade Smoky Mountain Trolls to my mother’s pottery and my sister’s painting and baking, we all express our creativity through art. Web design is just one of the ways in which I’m able to express my creativity.

I constantly strive to learn new tricks and techniques to stay ahead of the curve on design trends to give you an eye-catching site that you will be proud of. It is my belief that websites should be efficient, intuitive and cater to a wide variety of visitors that can find information easily and quickly. Web design is not only my job; it’s my creative outlet. It’s what I enjoy, so you can be sure that your site will reflect that passion and won’t blend in with the crowd.