Shutter Works Photography

This is a website designed for Shutter Works Photography based out of Gatlinburg, TN. Specializing in weddings, engagements, portraits and scenery photography.





May Studios


Nelson Tire Service


Keep Sevier Beautiful


Boathouse USA


Stella and Ruby’s Vintage & Variety

Pandora Reaches 100 Million Users!

Pandora announced a significant redesign this morning, and paired with this announcement comes a number of user milestones for the music streaming and personalized radio service. The company now has 100 million registered users and 36 million monthly active users across its platform.

If you have never tried pandora, it is a great service! The free service offers 40 hours per month of free listening, and the paid version (very worth the $) is ad free and offers unlimited listening time. It is a wonderful service for discovering new artists / bands! Give it a try if you haven’t already!


Wildflower Bake Shop Logo

Logo design for Wildflower Bake Shop & Boutique. Hand drawn flower was scanned and traced in illustrator and incorporated into the design.


IBM Disaster Logo

Logo Design for a division of IBM’s Disaster Response Team. Not commissioned by IBM, but an Employee to put on mugs and shirts for christmas presents.



The Groove Circus

Logo design for local Knoxville cover band The Groove Circus.

Speed Up With CSS3 Gradients

Great article by Chris Coiyer at

Safari 4+, Chrome 1+, Firefox 3.6+, and Opera 11.10+ are all now supporting CSS3 gradients. This wide browser support makes using them for progressive enhancement all the more appealing. More good news, CSS3 gradients fall into the camp where you can specify fallbacks (i.e. images) so that browsers that don’t support them just use the image instead.

But wait… if you need to use an image anyway, why bother with declaring the gradient with CSS? That is kind of how I felt for a long time, but there is one important aspect that makes it worth it: browsers that support them don’t load the image fallback. One less HTTP Request = all the faster your site will load.

Read the Full Post Here –> Speed Up With CSS3 Gradients



Qualified Builders Inc.

Site Description:

This is a website designed for Qualified Builders Inc. a General Contracting company out of Raleigh, NC. They specialize in Fast Food Establishments and they produce incredible work. The client wanted a nice and clean website to display their work to perspective clients. Website was based off existing business card design, and built on top of WordPress CMS to allow client to add and edit information and photos at their own convenience.


Stephen Hunley Re-Design

Stephen Hunley Website Re-Design

Site Description:

This is a redesign done for Stephen Hunley. He wanted a new design that was easy to update and adapt to a new look quickly. WordPress is extremely versatile and was perfect for this project.


Wildflower Bake Shop & Boutique

Site Description:

Website designed for my sisters bakery, Wildflower Bake Shop & Boutique, located in Wears Valley, TN. This site was the most challenging site that I have done so far using multiple background images. The entire site is Valid XHTML Strict and CSS.


Joe The Show

Joe The Show Website Design

Site Description:

Website designed for Joe The Show, a local Knoxville, TN Singer/Songwriter. He needed a website to post his upcoming shows and keep in touch with his fans at all times that also exuded his personality.