Web Design
Orange Box Designs started out as just a web design company. I have now expanded the company to offer more services, but web design is still my biggest passion. I have designed websites from just a personal leisure website, to a full blown e-commerce site. Whatever you are looking for in a website, we have a solution for you.

Graphic Design
Orange Box Designs offers graphic design services. Whether you need a new logo for your company, a completely new layout for your website, or just a picture touched up and modified.

Print Design
Orange Box Designs offers print design services. If you are in need of a new business card design, a flyer, a brochure, or anything else that has to do with printing we can provide what you need.

Computer Maintenance
Orange Box Designs offers computer maintenance services. Computer performance is directly related to how uncluttered the computer is. We will go in and clean up unnecessary files, optimize your hard drive, and make your computer run like it did when it was new. Maintenance on a computer, just like a car, will help to extend the life and performance of the computer.

Computer Repair
Orange Box Designs offers computer repair services. Whether your hard drive has failed and you need a new one, or you spilled something on the keyboard. ACS can help you get your computer back online.

Computer Cleanup
Orange Box Designs offers computer cleanup services. This service is much like the computer maintenance in that I go in and remove necessary files and programs to help clean up hard drive space, and I also optimize the hard drive to be more efficient. I will also perform virus and spyware scans on the computer to make sure there are no infections.

Virus / Spyware Removal
Orange Box Designs offers virus and spyware removal services. Viruses, Spyware, Adware, and Malware are becoming worse and worse every day. I run a group of specific programs, and install virus scan and spyware blocking tools for you to help keep your computer running efficiently and your identity & files safe.

Website Hosting
Orange Box Designs offers a full spectrum of website hosting. If you just want to host your personal hobby website, or if you have a large corporate website we can accommodate your needs. Please visit the hosting page for more information.

Computer Upgrades
Orange Box Designs offers computer upgrade services. If your computer needs a bigger harddrive, more memory, or a faster graphics card to meet the higher demands of newer software, ACS can perform these upgrades for you.

Network Integration
Orange Box Designs offers network integration services. If your company wants to implement a new network, or upgrade / reconfigure their current network, or if you just want to setup a home network between your computers, we can help you do this.

Domain Registration
Orange Box Designs offers domain name registration. If you would like your website to have a personal domain name, we  can register one for you. Lots of domain names are already taken, but we will strive to get you one as close to the one you suggest as possible, unless it is available.